‘The American Dream Is Dead’ is now live!

December 7, 2017By FritzPodcast No Comments

In today’s episode, American Affairs founder and editor Julius Krein talks to me about why he voted for Donald Trump and why the American Dream is dead – for now. Here is a photo of Julius and myself at the offices of American Affairs after our conversation. It was a beautiful September day in Boston, … Read More

Episode 2 coming to your ears very soon!

October 16, 2017By FritzPodcast No Comments

Get ready to find out what it means to grow up in a housing project in Brooklyn, how systemic racial oppression continues in the America of today, and how the transition between Obama’s message of hope to Trump’s stamp of approval for racists is being perceived by the African American community. Here is a photo … Read More

Launch Day!

September 30, 2017By FritzPodcast No Comments

Exciting! Today is International Podcast Day! Even more exciting: I am launching my very own podcast today! America On The Fritz is now live! After many weeks of conceptualizing, developing, discussing, doubting, planning, interviewing, working hard, podcast-coursing, editing and mixing and preparing: the day has come. Woot woooot! This is cool, weird, exciting, frightening, amazing, … Read More

Preparing For Launch #OMG

September 25, 2017By FritzPodcast No Comments

  This is the week of truth, as in #OMG. America On The Fritz is going live this coming Saturday. On International Podcast Day! Everything has an international day nowadays. For example, today is World Pharmacy day — that’s right World Pharmacy Day. But International Podcast Day this year will be very special, if not … Read More