About the podcast

America On The Fritz is a podcast about the America of today. It is an attempt to find answers to this question: what is wrong with America right now? During America On The Fritz, I will go places in this country, speak to Americans about this country, listen to stories that this country has to tell.

This is not a podcast about daily events and news items. America On The Fritz goes deeper. America On The Fritz is an attempt to understand the underlying factors of what is going on with America. From an outsider’s perspective. My perspective.

With every episode, I will learn a bit more about this fascinating country. This country that is not doing so well right now. And you are invited to join me on this discovery tour of the America of today.

Get ready for interesting, funny, surprising stuff happening on the episodes. Come along and find out what’s up with America.


About Fritz

I am Fritz and I am the producer and host of America On The Fritz. My podcast about the America of today that tries to find answers to this question: what is wrong with America right now?

My thing with America goes back to 2001 when I spent a year at an American high school. That’s when I boarded a plane in my native Germany and arrived in Boston a couple of hours later. There I was. A clueless German-Swiss teenager. With an open mind and a terrible accent. And then a few weeks later 9/11 happened while I was sitting in math class.

I recently found my diary from those days. Turns out we don’t really change. In my diary I recorded this extreme desire to try to understand. Make sense of what was happening all around me. To talk to people and try to find out. America was in shock. And angry. And that made me curious. So I started reading a lot. Wikipedia had just been born. And was a trustworthy source of information. Not. And I started asking a lot of questions to Americans.

15 years later, America, my teenage love, elected a new president. Another shock. Unexpected. For many. Certainly not for all, as I would understand soon enough. And again, my immediate reaction was curiosity. I wanted to understand. I want to understand. So I packed my bags and took another plane, this time from my new home in Amsterdam. This time around, I took my microphone and my laptop. And an idea: to make a podcast about America in an outsider's attempt to find answers to this question: what is wrong with America right now?